Twin Oaks Conference Site- Wildfires and New Beginnings

As some of you have likely heard, Twin Oaks Community was impacted by the devastating 200-acre W Old Mountain Rd wildfire on March 20. The Twin Oaks Conference site was destroyed, along with the majority of their industrial and business infrastructure at the EC/warehouse site. But things can be replaced; we are so thankful that the people, pets, and farm animals who live here are all safe. 

We’re also very lucky that (while there were a few close calls) there was no damage to the residential buildings, ZK dining hall, the tofu hut, the office, and other key infrastructure. The damage is major, as you can see in the images below, but we will recover and rebuild.

Twin Oaks member Paxus Calta shared details and pictures of the fire and initial damage on their personal blog this morning– “Before 7 PM (on March 20th), we were being told we needed to evacuate the entire Twin Oaks campus. A school bus was brought in and took people to Acorn and the Louisa middle school, where they waited out the fire fighting. The fire spread from the neighboring land and took out the kilns, the warehouse and all the woodworking spaces (called ECW). It also spread to the conference site and destroyed the pavilion, the kitchen and all of the material storage up there.”

We are deeply grateful for the many offers of support we’ve received today. The fire is contained but still smoldering in many places and fully assessing the damage will take time. Please bear with us for these first few days, as we don’t know exactly how the cleanup process will go or what the recovery process will look like. What we do know is that it will be a lot of work, and probably cost a lot of money. Contributions can be made to the general Twin Oaks Community Fire Relief Fund and/or the Twin Oaks Conference Site Fire Relief Fund. In the coming weeks, we’ll announce other ways (financial and non) you can help support the rebuilding process.

You can contribute to the general Twin Oaks Community Fire Relief Fund via Stripe. These contributions will focus primarily on general business repairs and restoration. You can contribute using a debit card, credit card, Apple Pay, Cash App, Klarna or a bank account. ​​Donate to the Twin Oaks Fire Relief Fund here.

We’ll post major updates here as they become available. Smaller, more regular updates will be available on our DonorBox page, the Friends of Twin Oaks Facebook group, and the Twin Oaks Community Facebook page.

Thank you again for your support and kindness, we look forward to welcoming you back to a new and improved Twin Oaks Conference Site soon!

A photograph of the former conference site pavilion reads "Living Together is an Art"

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