Indoor Accommodations

We are offering indoor accommodations at this year’s Communities Conference at Aurora, the Twin Oaks Visitor Cabin, and at nearby Mimosa Community. You can also find a list of local accommodation options here.

Our rates this year will be:

Single person in a shared room – $40/night per person
Couple in a shared room – $60/night for both of you
Private room (single or couple) – $125/night

Cost doesn’t include registration.  Minimum stay of two nights.  We don’t have a method of automated housing registration, so please email us directly if you want to reserve housing.

DSC_0009Aurora is the Twin Oaks Community Visitor Cabin, located about 1/4 mile from the conference site.  It’s also more than half-way down the river trail that takes you to the South Anna River on Twin Oaks property.


We can also offer housing at mini-community Mimosa, two miles from the conference site. This would give people an opportunity to see the process of a forming community and have access to a kitchen in their living space. (With all meals provided and a snack table at the site, though, we don’t know why you’d need it!) Shuttles available with one of the organizers who will be on-site daily. Let us know if you’d prefer this option.

view of Mimosa from underneath the mimosa tree in the front yard

There is indoor housing reserved for those with disabilities. Please email us about your needed accommodations so that we can evaluate whether we can provide them free of charge.