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Below is the basic schedule outline for the 2023 Communities Conference, including which workshops/sessions happened in each time slot.

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Friday Sept 1

1pmRegistration Opens. Arrive anytime starting at 1pm. We won’t have anything scheduled at first, but you can set up your tent, get familiar with the space, and have first dibs on volunteer shifts. We’ll also have some board games and craft supplies in the main area.
3pm-5pmDream Alliance Training in the pavilion
4pm-6pmTour of Twin Oaks– meet at Registration
5pm- 6pmGreeting Circle at the main circle (or pavilion if raining)
6pm- 7pmDinner
7pm-7:30pmMicroaggressions presentation & discussion, in the pavilion 

Required for presenters, open to all

7:30pm- 9pmKeynote address

Generating what we need to manifest the potential of Intentional Community, with Avi Kruley & Sky Blue– in the pavilion  

9pm- 11pm“Firebird- An eco-community in the heat of Crisis”- Film & Discussion
11pmQuiet Hours Begin

Saturday, September 2

8am- 9amBreakfast
9am -9:30amOpening Circle: Setting our intentions for the gathering collectively
9:30 am – 12pmMeet the Communities- chance for a representative from each community to stand up and give a 2-minute intro (location, members, history, mission, whether they’re looking for new members).
12pm -1pm Lunch  
1pm-3pmTour of Twin Oaks– meet at Registration
Afternoon WorkshopsPavilionBig Dome/ OasisCross RoadsLadyslipperFindhorn
1:30pm- 2:50pmCommunity Harm and AccountabilityCommunity Start-ups Expert PanelPoly in CommunityAgapoli: Building Meta-Communities with Community Power508(c)(1)(a) Church Association structure for Earth-centered Spirituality Communities
3pm- 4:20pmThe Two Worlds of North AmericaHow to Build Trans Inclusivity into your Intentional CommunityHow to Develop and Sustain a Small CommunityAccountability Groups in CommunityCommunity is the Solution to Climate Change
4:30-5:50pmGoing from all-white to majority POC: Struggles to achieve inclusion, justice and belonging within a (newly) racially diverse communitya playful look at good and evil in complex dynamicsVisualizing and Mapping the Ecologies of Healthy CommunitiesCreatively Visioning Into Deeper PurposeAnarchy as community praxis
4pm-6pmTour of Twin Oaks– meet at Registration
6pm – 7pmDinner
8pm- lateNo-talent show and dance party– In ZK dining hall (see map)
11pmQuiet Hours Begin

Sunday, September 3

8am- 9amBreakfast
9am-11amTour of Twin Oaks– meet at Registration
9:30am-11am workshopsPavilionBig Dome/ OasisCross RoadsLadyslipperFindhorn
A Community of ResistanceHow to Start an Intentional CommunityMy keys to creating cohousing or community – french experiencesCommunity Legal ClinicStarting and Stopping an Ecovillage: Navigating the Journey
11am- 12pmOpen Space Organizing (For afternoon workshops)
12pm -1pmLunch
1pm-4pmTour of LEF community (meet at Registration to carpool over)
1pm-2:30pmOpen Space Slot 1
2:30pm- 4pmOpen Space Slot 2
4pm- 4:30pmClosing Circle: Most people won’t head home directly from here, but the conference will disperse from this point. Closing Circle will give us a chance to give an endpoint to our experience
5pm -9:30pmTour, dinner, and activities at Acorn Community
11pmQuiet Hours Begin

Monday, September 4

8am- 9amBreakfast
9:30amMonday Program at Cambia- See “Monday Program
9:30am-11:30am“Firebird- An eco-community in the heat of Crisis”- Film & Discussion– Pavilion