Convergence Work Exchange

The work exchange rate for the Convergence of Intentional Communities (CIC) is $40. All participants are expected to contribute 2 hours of work during the conference. Our standard work exchange option requires an additional 2 hours (4 total), so that you can reduce your costs while still enjoying the conference.

Tickets for youth ages 6-17 who are attending with an adult on a work exchange ticket are $20- this does not increase the adult’s work exchange hours and there is no work quota expected from youth attendees. Work exchange tickets can be purchased via the CIC eventbrite ticket portal

Looking for info on Work Exchange tickets for the Twin Oaks Communities Conference? Click here!

It’s important to us to make the conference financially accessible to people who are excited to come. We keep the prices for the conference as low as possible, the money we make just covers our monetary expenses. Still, we understand that the amount we ask is too high for some. If this is true for you, then a work exchange ticket might be a good fit. No-one is turned away for lack of funds.

All attendees contribute 2 hours of labor to the event to help things get done, work exchangers do an additional 2-4 hours of work (depending on which event they are attending) and pay a significantly discounted ticket price.

If you’re financially comfortable, you can support our work exchange program by making a contribution through Eventbrite when purchasing your own ticket or by donating via our fiscal sponsor the FIC. Tickets to the 2024 Communities Conference are available here, and tickets to the 2024 Convergence are here.

Tax-deductible donations (small and large) can be made through the Foundation for Intentional Community via the PayPal link below.