Twin Oaks Communities Conference

TOCC Update #1- Tickets are on sale now, themes of the 2024 TOCC, and the call for presenters is open!


  • Communities Conference 2024 dates & themes
  • Tickets are on sale now!
  • Work exchange ticket details
  • Introducing the Convergence of Intentional Communities
  • Call for Presenters of Curated Workshops is open, deadline is July 15
  • Help with the clean up/reconstruction of the Conference site
  • Covid policy for 2024 is same as 2023
Twin Oaks Communities Conference

Need to catch up? You can find all of the 2024 Updates on our blog here

Communities Conference 2024 dates & themes

We hope to see you at the Communities Conference this fall, August 30- September 2. The 2024 Communities Conference will have 2 main threads/themes. The first thread will explore how intentional communities can more effectively network and support each other, the second focuses on the ways communities (old and new) can embrace and improve their Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion practices (DEAI).

Tickets are on sale now! 

Buy your ticket before June 30 and pay our special early bird rates- $120 for adults, $40 for youth, and free for kids 5 and under (a 20% discount on our general admission prices). After July 1st, tickets are $150 for adults (plus taxes and fees), $50 for youth aged 6-17, and free for kids 5 and under. Get your tickets at

Introducing the Convergence of Intentional Communities

Twin Oaks Community, in cooperation with the Foundation for Intentional Community, is excited to invite you to the first Convergence of Intentional Communities (CIC pronounced “kick”), September 2-4, 2024. Early buy discounts, work exchange tickets, and other accommodations are available. 

The Convergence of Intentional Communities has two core goals- to build stronger relationships between intentional communities, and to guide the various networks (especially the FIC and GENNA) in this field on how to best serve member communities. If you have wanted to have more influence on how communities interact with each other, this event is for you! Want to learn more? Check out the full CIC invite and info page here.

Work Exchange Tickets

If the standard ticket price is more than your budget can absorb, work exchange tickets to the Twin Oaks Communities Conference are available for $50. All participants at the TOCC expected to contribute 2 hours of work during the event, our discounted work exchange ticket option requires an additional 4 hours (6 total). You can read more about work exchange tickets here, and you can purchase them via Eventbrite just like a standard ticket, at

There are also work exchange tickets available for the Convergence of Intentional Communities, they are $40. All participants at the CIC are expected to contribute 2 hours of work during the event, our discounted work exchange ticket option requires an additional 2 hours (4 total). You can purchase these tickets via Eventbrite just like a standard ticket, at

Want to help support our work exchange ticket program? You can donate via Eventbrite when you purchase your ticket, on the donate page of the website, or email us at for other options. We are committed to making the communities conference affordable/accessible to as many people as possible. Please get in touch to discuss additional discounts, scholarships, or barter options.

Call for Presenters

We are in search of curated workshops for the 2024 Communities Conference. If you would like to offer a curated workshop, please read the Call for Presenters post and fill out the proposal form. Please remember that curated workshops must be focused on intentional communities, and/or relate to one of our two major threads/themes. Our 2024 themes are: How can communities network more effectively? and How can our communities be more equitable and diverse?

In addition to curated workshops, we also have several blocks of open space programming for other topics. Here is more info on curated workshops and open space technology from the 2018 Communities Conference. Presenters of curated workshops receive free admission to the TOCC.

Help with the clean up/reconstruction of the conference site 

We are still rebuilding after the fire.  We are inviting people to come help with the clean up effort and reconstruction of the kitchen and the pavilion at the site in June and early July.  Most folks helping with this are camping at the site or staying at neighboring communities.  If you have interest in helping with way please write to

Covid policies in 2024

As the impact and prevalence of Covid-19 shifts with time, so do our policies and precautions. All attendees must provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test with a sample taken 24 hours or less before arrival, but there is no vaccination requirement this year. We strongly encourage testing at home before traveling to the conference and sending us a selfie of your test result via email or text. Tests will also be available at our registration desk at cost (estimated cost $5). 

If you’d like to be added to our update mailing list, email us at with the subject line “subscribe” or use the form at the right of this page.


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