Monday Program: Communities Clinic

Are you part of a community or organization that is new, recently formed, redeveloping, or considering redeveloping?  This one-day follow-up to the Twin Oaks Communities Conference on Labor Day, Mon. Sept. 1st, will provide a platform for these groups to consult with experienced community builders, connect with resources, and troubleshoot with other groups.  image08

The format for the day will be dynamic and highly interactive – no long series of boring lectures here!  We’ll provide opportunities for groups to work with experts on their particular issues.  We’ll create forums for discussion on particular topics.  And we’ll engage groups with each other to share about their successes and challenges.  Topics for the day will cover a broad range of issues from legal/financial to cultural and logistical, and will be guided in part by groups who register early and tell us what they’re looking for!


  1. Krystina says:

    I am starting an intentional community in Chatham, Virginia on 200 beautiful and organic acres. I have lots of questions about the logistics, legal aspects, and how to recruit people who have both vision and ability. Is this possible separate from the weekend conference, or is it only n conjunction? Will you be able to have handouts as well? Thanks! Can’t wait to go!

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