Communities Conference 2023, Update #2


  • Buy tickets
  • Work Exchange tickets
  • Deadline Today for Call for Presenters of Curated Workshops
  • Some selected Workshops
  • How big with this year’s conference be?
  • Rideshare
  • Promote the Conference on Social Media

If you missed it, you can read Update #1 on our blog. 

Tickets are on sale now on Eventbrite. They are $150 for adults and $50 for youth. It is also very helpful for our event planning when people buy tickets early. 

Work Exchange: If the standard ticket price is more than your budget can absorb, work exchange tickets are available for $50. All participants are expected to contribute 2 hours of work during the conference, our discounted work exchange ticket option requires an additional 4 hours (6 total). You can read more about work exchange tickets, and fill out a work exchange ticket request form, here.  We are committed to making the communities conference affordable/accessible to as many people as possible. Please get in touch to discuss additional discounts, scholarships, or barter options.

Call for Presenters– We are still in search of a few more curated workshops for the 2023 Communities Conference, and the deadline is today August 7th. If you would like to offer a curated workshop, please fill out this form. Please remember that curated workshops must be focused on intentional communities, and/or relate to one of our two major threads/themes- starting new communities, and building diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion in community. We are also interested in workshops about racial dynamics in community, restorative justice, economics of community living, and controversial topics within communities.  Depending on the number of participants at the conference, we will have between 16 and 20 of these workshops.  

New Workshops- We have a great collection of curated workshops which have already been accepted, especially in the thread of diversity, equity and inclusion.  Some of the offerings include:

  • How to Start a Community – by Sky Blue
  • Community Safety and Accountability – by Crystal Byrd Farmer
  • How to Build Trans Inclusivity into your Intentional Community –  by Jules Amanita
  • The Two Worlds of North America – by Macaco
  • Polyamory in Community – by Daniel Greenberg

How big will this conference be?  It is a bit hard to tell, as of August 7th we have 65 ticket holders and presenters currently confirmed, which puts us on track for a 120 to 150 total person event including members of Twin Oaks who attend.  We expect about 25 to 35 communities and networks to present at Meet the Communities.  

Rideshare-  If you are coming from more than an hour away, please contact us about rideshares, either if you can offer one or if you need one, via our Ride Share form or at  We can help you coordinate getting to the conference site from Charlottesville and Richmond, as well, if you are arriving by public transport, train, bus, or airplane.  

Promote the Communities Conference on Social media.  If you are willing to help promote this event on social media, please email us at with “promote” or anything vaguely like that, and we will get back to you with easy use posts that will bring more of your friends to this important event.

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