What to bring – a reminder!

To all our attendees-
Here’s a reminder about the most important things to bring to the conference (besides the obvious camping/travel supplies and kids, if you got ’em):
1. A covered dish large enough to feed 10 hungry people, plus juice/tea/ground coffee and a snack item such as fruit, salsa & tortilla chips, etc. Vegan and vegetarian items are encouraged, as is “groovy” meat and dairy from organic, sustainable or local farmers/sources. Please label your item with an ingredients list and be sure to mark “groovy” when applicable for the “locavores” in attendance (this is a norm at Twin Oaks and Acorn Community meals). A Twin Oaks cook will heat/prepare most meals for us using your contributions.


  • If you are driving here and don’t have time to prepare something ahead of time, you could stop at a grocery store along the way (try Integral Yoga Natural Foods or the Whole Foods in Charlottesville; for something closer/cheaper, try the Food Lion in Louisa) and pick up basic ingredients that will be good at “tying together” a potluck meal–tortillas, bread, cheese, produce, etc. You could also contribute $30-40 extra to cover food costs.

2. Offerings for the shrine, the “grabs” table and the FIC benefit auction.


  • The shrine is an area right off our kitchen with marble stepping stones winding along the ground. We are going to leave it relatively empty in the hopes that you will bring something you’d like to display. This area has no protection from the elements, so something made out of paper/cardboard is not a good idea. Last year, people brought statues of various sizes, a decorated mirror, symbolic possessions, laminated poems, etc.
  • In the spirit of resource-sharing and recycling, the “grabs” table is a space to put used clothes, books or treasures of any sort that you think others may want to adopt. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your new favorite CD or a beautiful necklace in the pile…
  • We will be holding a fast-paced, high-energy benefit auction for the Fellowship for Intentional Community, publisher of the Communities Directory. Proceeds will help the FIC continue to bring the exciting news of community to a world hungry for it. You can help in two ways:  1) bring items to donate to the auction – products, crafts, services that can be delivered locally, a weekend stay for two at your cabin in the woods… use your imagination!  2) bring your wallet! There will be bargains galore, and every dollar spent will be used to make community more accessible to those seeking it.

3. Instruments (especially drums and other percussion instruments for jammin’ around the bonfire), literature about your community, organization or project for the Literature Table, games, costumes or clothes you’d like to wear at the Saturday night dance party, earplugs in case things are a bit noisy when you’re trying to fall asleep, and maybe a yoga mat if you wish to participate in Danjeon breathing exercises (although a mat is not necessary).


Thanks, y’all! I can’t wait. See you in two and a half weeks…


-Janel, conference manager


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