Urban Homesteading or Transparency Tools? YOU decide!

Howdy folks!  We here at conference-organizing central are putting the final touches on our awesome workshop lineup.  Its getting quite tight and we will need to make some tough decisions.  Since this conference is for YOU, we thought we’d seek your input as we finalize the workshops.

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So here the deal.  Urban Homesteading Panel, or Transparency Tools Workshop?  There’s a bit more info about each below, and a poll for you to weigh in.  Thanks so much for your help!


Urban Homesteading An all-star panel of local and non-local folks who are on the front-lines of this exciting movement!  Topics may include: urban gardening, raising chickens (meat or eggs), tapping into waste streams, seed starting, fall gardening, soap making, canning and putting food by, etc.

Transparency Tools Build on the Friday night teaser and add to your toolbox of relationship-building skills.  How do you build and strengthen relationships in a community context, or amongst a group of people who are interested in creating a new community?We will give you the tools and some first-hand experience of how to use them.



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