New Registration Option – New Economics Monday Program

If you can’t come for the whole weekend you can now register to come just for the New Economics Symposium on Monday, September 2nd!  $40 gets you access to the day’s program as well as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Local currencies, barter networks, Time Banks, co-operative businesses: the New Economy has been around for a long time.  With peak oil, climate change, and casino capitalism looming large, more and more people are seeking and creating a system based on cooperation and sustainability, people before profits, social justice and equality.

Join presenters Lyle Estill, Carol Peppe Hewitt, Solidarity Piedmont, the Baltimore Free Farm, Casa Alma and others for the Monday program of the Communities Conference at Twin Oaks Community.  It will be a dynamic and high powered day exploring the big picture of new economics, stories from the front lines, and topics such as financing and development, mapping and networking, and neighborhood integration.

Register here, either for the whole weekend or just for the New Economics Monday program.

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