How to Get Here!

Hey, y’all-
We are so excited for the Conference in two days! Don’t forget to bring your camping gear, flashlight, raincoat (just in case), mosquito repellant, potluck meal item (or between $25 and $40 to cover the cost of food if you cannot contribute to the potluck meals or bring produce/snacks/tea/juice), FIC benefit auction item, kids if you got ’em, your wallet, perhaps something for the “grabs table” or Shrine, instruments, and literature about your community/organization/project.

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A lot of people have been emailing asking where the conference site is, exactly, since it’s not near the entrance of our community. So, we finally made a page called How to Get Here to explain exactly what you need to know. Better late than never, right?
We can’t wait to meet you. See you oh-so-soon!
-Janel, conference organizer