An Ecovillage With Ambition

If you haven’t heard about Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage you probably will soon (in fact, you just did!) For the most part, people unfamiliar with intentional communities might still have heard about The Farm or Twin Oaks, which have both been around nearly 50 years and gotten a lot of press and study. By contrast, DR has only been around 17 years, but has become one of the most well known communities. Why? Because it’s on a mission!

PhotobyAaronMurphy4First off, it’s one of the few communities to make some serious commitments to ecological sustainability. It’s ecological covenants require it, among other things, to use virtually no fossil fuels, and only use electricity generated from renewable sources. It’s aiming to grow to a population of 500 – 1000. It also has a clear education and outreach mission, and the community incorporates an educational non-profit, DR Inc., to coordinate those activities.

In addition to running events and programs at the ecovillage, DR Inc. has been working with academics and researchers. One project is to create a carbon footprint test that works for communities (those that exist are all based on individuals or families.) Media interface is also key to DR’s work, and DR Inc’s Executive Director, Ma’ikwe Ludwig, has been on a national speaking tour following a wildly successful TEDx talk she gave. Also, DR has maintained a close connection with the Fellowship for Intentional Community over the years, with numerous if it’s members serving as Board members or Staff for the FIC.

At this point DR is up to about 70 people. There’s still lots of room to grow, and there’s also existing houses for sale, for those who want to jump into this lifestyle but aren’t up for the challenge of building a home themselves. Interested in more? Here’s a couple opportunities:

9-Day Permaculture Design Course at an Ecovillage
permacourseshareWhat do you get when you mix an ecovillage and a permaculture design course (PDC)?  An unparalleled adventure in sustainable, solutions-oriented living! Your ticket to adventure is right around the corner, when Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage hosts it’s first ever Permaculture Design Course, August 29-Sept 6, 2015. This PDC blends theory and inspiration with practical, hands-on, how-to activities, in a classroom that’s been a living experiment in sustainable human habitat for the last 17 years!
Come Begin Your Life in an Ecovillage
robiniaWant to live a low-impact earth-friendly lifestyle? Want to live in a community where others share your values? Does creating a culture of sharing, communication, and support sound good to you? If you answered yes, then check out Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage’s Visitor Program to find out if living at Dancing Rabbit might be right for you!

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