Again for 2012: Lakota Nation Sweatlodge ceremonies

We’re excited that WIlliam Underbaggage of the Lakota Nation will be joining us at the Communities Conference again this year to lead sweatlodges for the Conference participants.


William, a member of the Indigenous Nations Network, is a cultural ambassador, consultant and language teacher for the Lakota (a Sioux tribe). He teaches about Native American cultures throughout the US, Canada and Mexico and will offer a workshop during the Open Space section of our conference on indigenous spirituality and the effects of the appropriation and exploitation of indigenous life-ways.


Here is William’s description of what he will bring to the Conference:


“I am offering, once again, the process of cleansing and healing through sweatlodge – a purification of mind, body and soul. We, as caring humans of Mother Earth, can work together to reconcile our differences and move forward to create a better, sustainable world for the coming generations. We can confront racism and prejudice by becoming better relatives and friends and through educating each other about our differences. I will do a talking circle, an Open Space workshop, and offer an initipi (sweatlodge) ceremony at least once a day.”


William does not charge for his ceremonies or services but will be accepting donations of diapers and clothing for his twins, a boy and a girl, and 5-year-old daughter. Monetary offerings would also be appreciated as one of his twins is a special needs child.

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