Keynote Address 2023: Doing the Impossible

Doing the Impossible: Generating what we need to manifest the potential of Intentional Community, with keynote speakers Avi Kruley & Sky Blue

The experience of living in Intentional Communities (ICs) changes us. It expands our understanding of what’s possible, and cultivates a sense of belonging and accountability, which inspires us to act from a deep understanding of our interdependence. The world needs this now more than ever.

But the world is an increasingly unfriendly place to do this work. Thoughtful attention and intention are needed to generate the inner and outer resources we need to start new ICs and take established ICs to the next level. How do we stay balanced and maintain our ability to rechoose to do this work everyday in the face of so much stress and uncertainty? 

We are Avi Kruley and Sky Blue, working together as The Next Big Step. We have a deep love and passion for IC and the positive impact it has and could have on the world. In addition to trying to help start a new IC, and develop the network of ICs, we want to help bring what’s being learned in the IC movement to the world. 

Join us for this keynote session where we’ll explore the challenges and opportunities of IC movement building, how to stay personally resourced for the long-haul, and what’s needed to bring what ICs are learning to the world. We’ll also help create a container for you to set some personal intentions for your time at the conference, and explore what happened and what’s next for you in a closing session at the end of the conference.

Avi Kruley (She/Her pronouns)

Avi grew up in the village of Oak Park, IL—a diverse community where most people know your name. With a BA in English/Creative Writing from Stanford University and a dual degree MBA/MPA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School, Avi builds bridges from our ideals to our daily life. She recently served as the Director of Community Well-Being at Mount Madonna Center, and continues to explore the question of how we can make intentional communities more accessible and sustainable. Avi is available for organizing and facilitating workshops and retreats, rituals and ceremonies, and anytime someone says, “It’s time to play!”

Sky Blue (They/Them pronouns)

Sky has spent 25 years living, working, and organizing in intentional communities, cooperatives, and community organizations. Their parents met in Twin Oaks Community in the late 70’s, where Sky moved as an adult and raised a child. Sky has visited over 130 different communities, worked with the Federation of Egalitarian Communities and Global Ecovillage Network of North America, co-organized numerous communities conferences, and has served as Executive Director and on the Board of Directors for the Foundation for Intentional community. They contribute to a variety of groups as an organizer, consultant, and speaker.