We are back in 2022!

We are going to have the Communities Conference in 2022! After two years of having to cancel for the pandemic, we are coming back on labor day weekend (Sept 2 thru 5).

We will discuss several themes, including reconciliations (between members, between members and communities, and between communities that don’t have the relationships they would like) and diversifying membership.

It will be held at the expanded and improved Twin Oaks conference site. Both Acorn Community and Serenity Community will have significant roles in developing content, promoting the event, and granting scholarships and work exchanges.


  1. Virginia Dawnswir says:

    Wondering if most activities will be outdoors as it has in the past? If it rains will most things still be outdoors under cover? Will there be any zoom options available for those still not comfortable being in large groups?
    (This might be a duplicate, as I started to ask this question, and lost the page)
    Thank you,

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