“OVERTHROW YOURSELF” – Adventures In Radical Vulnerability

We’re excited to announce a special curated space at this year’s conference!

You are invited to attend “OVERTHROW YOURSELF – Adventures in Radical Vulnerability.” This interactive, improvisational action space promises to excite and challenge attendees as it creates opportunities for exchange about the ways we are all complicit in different forms of oppression. Through practicing self-examination in the presence of others who are doing the same, attendees will be able to take fearless self inventory without feeling alone in the face of their more difficult self-discoveries. To cultivate and support a climate of trust and safety, participants will engage in mutual vulnerability exercises.

A typical experience within “OVERTHROW YOURSELF” would begin by choosing one of 5 different kinds of buttons. Each button will display a vulnerable statement. For example:

“I benefit from misogyny – ask me how.” “I benefit from white supremacy – ask me how” “I benefit from ableism – ask me how” “I benefit from colonialism – ask me how” “I benefit from queerphobia – ask me how”

Attendees will be invited to have one-to-one conversations with other participants wearing the button of their choice. For those who would rather express themselves visually, there will be opportunities to decorate the space with images and words expressing vulnerability. Participants will also have the opportunity to share with the larger group about specific examples of their vulnerable statement and how this exercise might impact their future behaviors.

This activation space will mark the official founding of a new organization dedicated to the exploration of radical vulnerability. All participants will be invited to submit their contact information if they would like to continue in the activities of that organization. It will be called: The Radical Vulnerability Alliance.

Convener Bio:

Growing up with a musically gifted mother, Courtney Dowe began writing songs from a very early age. She does not think of her relationship to music as a career as much as a calling. Guided by the philosophy that music should be accessible to as many people as possible and in as many ways as possible, she has performed in places as humble as subway stations and as legendary as The Filmore in San Francisco opening for Citizen Cope. Her interest in human rights has inspired “protest songs” ranging from the subject of police brutality in the United States to the persecution of Falun Gong by the Communist Regime in China.

In recent years, she has felt called to arts education and community organizing. She has been an elementary music teacher, as well as a songwriting and vocal instructor. She is a member of Compersia Community, Executive Director and founder of The Women’s International Living Library and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Earth Rights Institute and The School Of Living.

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