Monday Program

Our 2023 Monday program is still in development.

Monday program 2022

Overview:  On Monday following the Communities Conference, Rustling Roots Ecological Education Center as a part of Cambia Community will host a series of workshops in topics ranging from permaculture and ecology to community building to music and dance. Participants will have the option to choose one of three morning workshops (10am-1pm) and one of three afternoon workshops (2pm-5pm). Tickets include lunch, dinner and optional camping. Evening activities include bonfire and hot tub. Food will be vegan and include local produce from our network of community farms. Tickets are $40.

Workshops will include:

  1. Liberation Arts: A customized plan built from the 6 Community and Warrior Workshops, led by Macaco of Ecovillage Charlottesville and the Ecovillage Education Institute.

Liberation Arts workshops are lightly structured circles ceremonies, of rhythmic music and song with dance and creative movement. Think of it as musical improvisation dance theater. To honor our warrior-selves, we use a theatrical structure to transform the environment into an alternative reality where the skills and culture of the peaceful warrior shine. Being together in the arts manifest community energies. We will apply techniques the consciousness needed to to direct community energy in directions of our choosing.

Bio:  Macaco (Saman)

Saman  was born in Manhattan, NYC and grew up in Jamaica, Queens. After studying Environmental Sciences at UC Berkeley, he moved to Newark, NJ, and began practicing Capoeira with Mestre Cigano of Grupo Liberdade de Capoeira. He received his capoiera nickname Macaco (Monkey) because of the style of his physical prowess.  After 15 years of training he graduated to Professor.

P. Macaco spent 12 years teaching arts for schools in the NYC area. He has taught across diverse socioeconomic groups and has worked with children with special needs, autism and with behavioral health communities. Capoeira supports children in reaching developmental and educational milestones, emphasizes play, focus, discipline, decision making and community consciousness. It naturally integrates a variety of skills, supporting children in reaching adulthood with balance.

Professor Macaco travels to Bahia, Brazil to visit with elders in the arts and to participate in workshops and encounters. He seeks in-depth experiences of the cultural context of the expressive arts that is the foundation of his teaching.

Macaco is currently an arts educator in residence for an educational cooperative in Charlottesville. He teaches in the affordable housing community and partners with Charlottesville area arts organizations. He focuses on proactively contributing to building community through arts education.

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  1. Trust and Relationship Games: Community Building through Team Challenges, led by Gil of Cambia Community.

Exploration of our unconscious barriers through kinesthetic and interactive games. These games are intended to help us understand the ways in which we show up in groups, in relationships and as individuals.

Bio:  Gil Benmoshe is an innovator, designer, builder and an organizational entrepreneur. Gil has many years of experience creating community, landscape design for ideal human interaction, designing alternative energy systems, developing and facilitating educational cooperative content such as economic games and team building activities in various contexts including conferences, events, and professional settings.  Gil has his graduate education in psychology and worked as a lecturer and a researcher in the California state university system.


  1. Natural Water Filtration: Natural swimming pool design and ecology of water and filtration systems, led by Ella of Cambia Community.

Explore the ecology of natural water filtration systems, learn how to build your own biosand filter to turn any water into fresh, clean drinking water, and enjoy the natural cooling pond at Cambia. This workshop will include lots of hands-on crafting of water systems.


Bio:  Ella Sutherland has 6 years of experience building community, including an off-grid village (Praxis Community) in Northern California as well as Cambia Community. This includes the social as well as physical aspects of community building. She has experience in natural building, timber framing, cob, earthen floor, slip straw, waddle and daub, as well as conventional construction and framing. She is also a ropes course and team building facilitator, working with many groups from children with disabilities to military and corporate executives. Ella is a crafter, a writer, an artist and researcher of sustainability exhibits.


  1. Crafting your Biome- Soil to Plate with BIOCRAFT, led by Jes and Kyle of Happy Hills off-grid village, creators of

Beneath our feet there is a world waiting to be discovered and celebrated!  This hands-on soil building workshop (composting), will engage in collaboration and communication on the importance of SOIL, how to create healthy, living soil that will lead to nutrient rich plants; homesteading tips, fermenting, edible forest gardening, permaculture concepts while participating in a Dutch Oven cooking activity by Fire (vegan)!  Kyle and Jes have been living off grid in a tiny house they built for nearly 3 years; they created Biocraft, and are actively engaged in converting people to renewable energies, environmental leadership and activism, zero-waste and waste management consulting.

Bio:  Jes Carey is an entrepreneur, artist, herbalist, conservationist, and developing world/environmental consultant- she has spent a considerable amount of time living off grid in Africa and is passionate about the Reforestation about the Earth, Green Building and helping others to simplify, reduce and reuse!

Bio:  Kyle Dubee is a certified Horticulturalist, Carpenter, and Artist with over 15 years of experience building regenerative ecosystems for his clients internationally.  His most recent collaborations include SunRay Kelley & The TreeHouse Guys. He uses his strong background in mycology, and terrestrial ecology to integrate custom, holistic, handcrafted habitats, such as tiny houses and tree houses.