Introduction to the New Economy

This year’s Monday program will be multi-faceted and will focus on introducing concepts and examples of the New Economy.  What the heck is the New Economy?  My comrade Orion Kreigman up in Boston gave me some great leads to pass on to you!  Orion actually came to the Communities Conference something like 10 years ago to talk about urban communities.  Here’s some great info to absorb:

This is an article from the Nation on the New Economy.

Here’s a group in Boston that Orion works with: Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition 

Another great group in Boston, the heARTbeat collective.

A new development, similar to Transition Town groups are Resilience Circles.

A new network for local, living economies and sustainable business network hubs.

The bulk of the Monday program of the Communities Conference will be a symposium on these ideas and a look at the small local groups that are the human-scale, driving force behind these national movements.