In addition to tours of Twin Oaks Community, there will be tours and open houses at other local communities offered Sunday starting at 5pm:

Acorn Community and Southern Exposure Seed Exchange – Acorn Community is an anarchist, egalitarian community founded in 1993 by a group that included members of Twin Oaks.  They are committed to non-coercive, non-hierarchical, voluntary associations both within our community as well as within the larger community in which we find ourselves. They are also committed to income-sharing, sustainable living, and creating a vibrant, eclectic culture. They are a member of the Federation of Egalitarian Communities and run Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, specializing in organic and heirloom varieties of seeds.

Living Energy Farm – The Living Energy Farm is a project to build a community, education center, and farm that demonstrates that a fulfilling life is possible without the use of any fossil fuel. Our mission is to serve as an example and actively promote lifestyles and technologies that are truly sustainable, and to make these sustainable technologies accessible to all persons regardless of their income or social position.

Mimosa Community – Mimosa Community, formerly known as Sapling Community, is a community-in-dialogue with the FEC. Mimosa is 3 adults living on 3.5 acres of land, surrounded by woods, while utilizing agricultural land owned by Twin Oaks in order to farm organic seed, vegetables and medicinal herb crops. Common Wealth Seed Growers is currently the only cottage industry run by Mimosa. The community holds egalitarianism, environmentalism, cooperative living and resource sharing as core values as well as being committed to honest, trauma-healing communication while looking at conflict as an opportunity rather than as an obstacle.

Cambia Community will be hosting the Monday program, and also offering self-guided tours throughout the weekend.  It’s only 2 miles from the conference site.