Getting here

If you need a ride to the conference, consider using our rideshare carpool facebook group. 

Directions off the internet:

The parking field for the conference site is at 134 West Old Mountain Road, Louisa, VA 23093

When driving to the conference site, you will not be coming to the front of our community. Instead, you will be coming to:

134 W Old Mountain Road, Louisa, VA 23093

This is the address for our parking field. Please type this into Google Maps to get accurate directions from where you will begin your drive to where it will end!

If you are interested in ride sharing to the conference, whether you need a ride or would like to offer one, please add your information to the Facebook rideshare group above. If you are experiencing difficulty finding a ride, feel free to contact and we will try to assist you.

If you take public transportation into Richmond, Fredericksburg or Charlottesville, we may be able to help arrange a pick-up with someone else headed to the conference.  Let conference organizers know as soon as possible if you are hoping for a ride by emailing ahead of time. We will try to arrange a pickup for you, but this is not always possible.