You are invited to the first Convergence of ICs

Twin Oaks Community, in cooperation with the Foundation for Intentional Community, is excited to invite you to the first Convergence of Intentional Communities (CIC pronounced “kick”), September 2-4, 2024.

The Convergence of Intentional Communities has two core goals- to build stronger relationships between intentional communities, and to guide the various organizations and networks in this field on how to best serve member communities. If you have wanted to have more influence on how communities interact with each other, this event is for you.

When is it? The CIC begins with breakfast at 8 am on Monday September 2 and ends with breakfast at 8am on Wednesday September 4. Programming runs from 9am- 6pm on Monday & Tuesday with a midday break for lunch. Before the CIC is the annual Twin Oaks Communities Conference (TOCC) August 30-Sept 1.

Where is it? The Convergence of Intentional Communities, as well as the TOCC, are hosted by Twin Oaks at their conference site in rural central Virginia. 

Why should you come? The secular intentional communities movement has long been fragmented. Groups with similar values and missions are working in isolation, with little mutual support unless they’re physically close to each other. 

Our hope is this convergence will help us build stronger relationships between ICs, especially between communities with similar values but diverse approaches to living those values. A visitor who doesn’t mesh well with the environment of a rural income-sharing community might be a great fit for an urban cohousing pod. Referrals could also be for more positive reasons, for example a college student who is living in a student co-op and in search of a similar living environment after graduation. 

While historically the Twin Oaks Communities Conference has been dominated by secular communities, religious and/or spiritual communities are most welcome to attend if they are willing to network with secular communities. Twin Oaks has long had a close relationship with local Catholic Worker communities, and in recent years also with the Community of Peace- we hope the CIC will encourage more connections between spiritual and secular ICs.

What does my ticket include? Your ticket includes a tent campsite (bring your own camping gear), programming and activities at the CIC, and 7 meals (breakfast Monday- breakfast Wednesday). Program content runs from 9am- 6pm with a break for lunch, additional activities are available in the evenings. Indoor housing is available for a fee (subject to availability).  Have questions? Reach out to us at

How much does it cost? Regular adult tickets are $90, youth ages 6-17 are $30, kids 5 and under are free. Early buy tickets (before July 1, 2024) offer a 20% discount. Conference tickets are available here, and convergence tickets are available here. All adult attendees are expected to contribute 2 hours of work during the convergence, and to contribute a snack or drink option to share (or pay a $20 “not bringing food” supplement, if physically transporting food would be difficult). Ticket options for the communities conference and the convergence, including work exchange, kids, early buy discounts, and more, are available on our website.  

We are committed to making these events affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. No one will be turned away due to (in)ability to pay. Tax-deductible donations made via the Foundation for Intentional Community help us support this policy, and can be made to the events via our website or our paypal donate button.