Boundaries: Speaking truth, meeting needs, and releasing attachments

Sara Taub

Workshop description:

How many of us say “yes” to things we don’t actually want out of guilt, obligation, or a fear of losing connection?  In many ways, “no” is the most intimate thing that one person can say to another – if I can hear your “no”, I can trust your “yes.”  Practice the skills of self-awareness (“what do I really want?”), transparency (revealing our true desires), and non-attachment (dealing with the feelings associated with not getting our first choice) in this experiential workshop – these skills enable us to find the space of mutually desired and open-hearted connection that is available to us with each person.


Sarah Taub teaches relationship and community skills and helps groups deepen their intimacy. She co-organizes “New Culture” events aimed at creating a culture based on love and freedom.  Sarah lives at Chrysalis Community in Arlington, VA and at Allegheny Crest Intentional Village in Mt. Storm, WV.