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What’s up in the Communities Movement?

Taking Sharing Further: A Co-Oper’s Experience of Twin Oaks

Originally posted on The Commune Life Blog …. Until about a month ago, I called a housing cooperative in California my home. Affectionately named Cornucopia, it was a place of shared responsibility and benefit. Together we cooked meals, split the cost of common food, kept books, tended the garden, and so on. Though much was […]

Trumpeting the Revolution: or what I see as the radical potential of community

  Content warning: discussion of trauma, institutionalized racism, mentions of sexualized violence         With the Communities Conference hurtling around the bend, I’ve spent a good time digging through how I relate to community. Online articles have not been a particularly helpful reflection. Surprise, surprise. It’s easy to sensationalize the unfamiliar, and writers […]

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